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Wedding Cakes

Our wedding cakes are priced based on their size, design/decor, and the time it takes to create and assemble decorative elements. They are priced per slice and range between $8.50 and $12.00. We offer a complimentary 6-inch top tier in the flavor of your choice to enjoy at your leisure.

For example, a three-tiered wedding cake that serves 80 guests can range from $700.00 to $1000.00, and a four-tiered cake that serves 136 guests can range from $1150.00 to $1,600.00. These prices are based on the size and complexity of the design.

Groom Cakes

Groom cakes are usually themed and represent a hobby, character, sport, or multiple subjects in one design. Often, this requires sculpting a cake into a shape and entails many hours of work. Groom cakes are intricately detailed works of edible art and the price of the cake will reflect the complexity of the design. Price ranges between $10.00 - $15.00

Celebration Cakes

Our celebration cakes are typically designed for birthdays, baby showers, or bridal showers. They consist of a single tier or multiple tiers (two or three tiers), but depending on the celebration or theme, they can also be sculpted cakes. Usually, our clients will order handcrafted sugar flowers, figurines, or other sugar elements as part of their design. Prices range between $8.00 and $15.00 per slice.

Sheet Cakes

Our sheet cakes are perfect for larger weddings or events. Our clients typically order tiered and sheet cake to meet their guest count. Sheet cake is priced per slice at $3.50 and serves 60 per sheet. At this time, we offer sheet cake only and not cupcakes; however, we can refer you to other bakeries that serve cupcakes.


We have a three-tier minimum for wedding cakes.


To ensure that your wedding cake arrives intact, we prefer to deliver. Delivery is available for larger groom cakes and celebration cakes within 60 miles. 

Delivery and set up is complimentary within an hour drive or 60 miles. Delivery is calculated at $0.65 per mile round trip.

Cake quote and Tasting Consultation

We recommend receiving a cake quote so that you have an idea of the cost of what you envision for your big day. You can also schedule a tasting consultation, and we can discuss cake prices during that time as well.

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