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  • When should I book my cake?
    Since I only book one wedding per date - dates are on a first come, first serve bases. I recommend wedding cakes and groom cakes should be booked 6 months to a year inadvanced.
  • When should I make an appointment for a consultation and is there a cost?
    I recommend requesting a quote first before scheduling a consultation. Doing your research on what bakerys have to offer is best before scheduling a consultation, as well as figuring out a budget. I recommend six months to a year before your wedding date. Cake tasting consultations are $30.00 and serve 4 people.
  • Do I have to book the same day as my consultation?
    It is not necessary unless you would like to, however getting your date booked and off your to-do list will be one less thing you will have to stress about!
  • How do consultations work and booking my event?
    Before proceeding, I highly recommend reviewing the 'Before you Order' and 'Q & A' sections. These sections are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the cake ordering process, help you determine your budget, and visualize the perfect cake for your event. Once you're ready to proceed, please fill out the contact information in the menu. I understand that your event date is a priority. Therefore, I schedule consultations based on your availability. If I am able to accommodate your cake order, we can arrange a meeting to discuss all the details of your event. The tasting consultation page allows you to select three dates that suit your schedule, and I will follow up to confirm the best date for both of us. Please noten my kitchen, I prefer to meet clients at my off-site location that due to the limited space i in Cedar Rapids. During our consultation, which typically lasts about an hour, we will delve intocts of your event. We will discuss your flavor preferences, wedding style, floral arrangements, color palettes, and other design details. I encourage you to bring any inspirational details, such as invitations, fabric swatches, or pictures. We will also determine the appropriate cake size based on the number of guests, ensuring a personalized and perfect cake for your event, the unique aspect. Once you have decided to book with us, I require a non-refundable 50% down to book your wedding date. Because I like to take the time to concentrate on one event at a time, I may have to turn away others wanting the same date; if there should be a cancelation, this means I lose business from others that I had to turn down. For this reason, 50% is not refundable. I require the final amount to be paid two weeks before delivery, or the order may be canceled. I accept credit cards, personal checks, and PayPal. When you book with me, you will also sign a service contract. Two weeks prior to your event, I will contact you via email to get a final guest count and make any adjustments to your cake size based on your final numbers as well as delivery time, special instructions, and last minute details.
  • What is a cake contract?
    The cake contract, more than just a formal 'handshake', is a crucial document that solidifies the agreement between you, the client, and the bakery/cake designer. It's a tool to meticulously define the terms of your order, ensuring that your event's date is secured and you receive precisely what you've envisioned for your special occasion. What you will find in a service contract: Your name & contact info Event date, time, location and phone number Event planners, coordinators and florist contact info Photographer Bakery's name and contact info A detailed description of the cake, including the flavors, fillings, number of servings, number of tiers, tier shape, icing type, decorations, and topper. Cost of cake Sketch of cake Number of slices Delivery and set up fee Cake-cutting fee (if applicable) Location of delivery Total cost, including delivery Payments in what form and due dates Cancelation and Refund policies Signatures
  • Can we pick-up our cake or does it have to be delivered?
    To ensure that your cake arrives intact, I prefer to deliver. Delivery is complimentary within an hour's drive or 60 miles. The delivery fee is $0.65 per mile round trip. Example: 70 miles x $0.65 = $45.50 x 2 = $91.00
  • What other services do you offer?
    Cutting a cake can be complicated, specifically large tiered cakes. We offer cutting and platting for $200.00. We also can provide plates and utensils for a added fee based on your guest count.
  • What do you offer besides tiered cakes? What about small desserts or cupcakes?
    At this time I only offer tiered cakes and sheet cakes. A sheet cake slice is equivalent to a cupcake price and size. I find sheet cake portions are easier to control and more cost effective than cupcakes. Often times extra cup cakes have to be ordered to accommodate each guest. In my experience many guests will take more than their share of cupcakes, while others may not get anything at all or a flavor they didn't want.
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