Before You Order

What is your budget? Does it match the design of what you are envisioning?

Wedding cakes and groom cakes are not just made up of sugar, flour, eggs and butter. The majority of the cost in a cake is the labor required to make it. How many hours does it take to make the gumpaste flowers, custom figurines or lace appliques? To make that perfect cake for your wedding day can take many hours, besides baking the cake. My cake is priced per slice and can increase depending on the design. For example, a wedding cake that serves 100 guests can range from $400.00 to $800.00, and a cake for 200 to 400 guests can range from $800.00 to $1,800.00. A groom's cake that serves 20 to 50 guests can range from $80.00 to $500.00 depending on the design of the cake. Along with the bride, the cake is the center of attention at a wedding. Make the cake as much a priority as the food and beverages being served, this means create a budget for all food and beverages.

Consider how your cake will hold up to an outdoor event versus an indoor event.

Wedding cakes and celebration cakes are fragile! Regardless of the size, heat and humidity can melt butter and make for an oozy fruit filling. Rain can literally ruin a fondant cake, not to mention turning gumpaste flowers into a sticky mess. Whether buttercream or fondant, a wedding cake or celebration cake is at its happiest in tempatures between 60 - 70 degrees. If your event is to be outdoors think about having the cake and other desserts under a tent, away from direct heat or indoors in a air condition area.

Order in advance!!

I recommend for weddings to book 6 months to a year in advance. I strive to create the most beautiful and delicious cake that you have envisioned. Planning ahead will ensure that the cake will be ready for your special date.

Fondant or Buttercream? Which one to choose?

There are definitely certain looks that pertain to each type of cake. Fondant normally has a very smooth, clean finish and can keep the cake moist while waiting to be cut for pictures or served. Fondant is concidered an icing and is made from sugar, water, egg whites and glucose. Believe it or not we have all eaten fondant without realizing it! I love candy corns, York Peppermint Patties and Cadbury Eggs - they are either made from fondant or filled with fondant! I use a premium fondant which is 100% vegan and is also gluten, soy, dairy and nut free, and tastes delicious! Much like carmel corn. Fondant can also be peeled off, because there will always be a layer of buttercream underneath which acts as a "glue" to help the fondant stick to the cake. Fondant can also be textured, used to create ribbon, appliques and shapes to create a design. Buttercream is very traditional and can either be applied as a smooth finish or texture. I use a Swiss Merinque Buttercream. This creates a yummy sweet mousse - like icing with a buttery finish!! Buttercream, however, can have limitations. For example Ribbons and simple flowers can be made using a piping tip, but appliques and shapes would have to be created in fondant and applied to the buttecream cake.

Will you be keeping or serving the top tier of your wedding cake?

Traditionally, couples save the top tier of the cake to eaten on their first anniversary. Today, some choose to break with tradition and consume the top tier at the reception. There in no "right" or "wrong" - I only need to know whether you are keeping the top tier or serving it.

Gum paste flowers or fresh flowers?

I will work with your fresh flowers or create sugar flowers. Sugar paste flowers can be made using any color or any type of flower, whether the flower is in season or not. Sugar paste flowers can cost the same as fresh flowers, however can be kept as a keep sake for up to 30 years if kept away from direct sunlight and humidity. Sugar paste flowers are fragile, take time to make and need to be ordered in advanced. Fresh flowers can stand up to water and moderate humidity. Easier to work with, but can be just as expensive as sugar paste flowers if not more. Depending on the species, fresh flowers are seasonal and unavailable at certian times of the year. Also keep in mind the that there are certain flowers that are poisonous, such as Calla Lily, Lily of the Valley, Azalea and Daffodil. Ask your florist for flowers that are rated food grade.